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Am a humble, romantic, caring and well disciplined. I like jokes and funny stories.I have a high taste and I go for the best. I am interested in a long lasting relationship that can lead to a good union. A woman of good heart and understanding. it does not matter the distance or race. I need some one that can make me want to rush home, each time I remember her.
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Someone who is as naturally tempting in jeans and has the grace and elegance of dressing for dinner. A lady who is articulate and has a depth that drives a gentleman to crave for more. If you are a little mischievous and have a fine sense of adventure together with the above attributes – then you have met your equal – lets go have the time of our lives.I am seeking a two way relationship that also flows both ways! A partnership in mind, body and soul! Essentially, I am happy and in many ways lucky.A woman of good heart and great level of understanding. Not a racist, some one whom knows the meaning of love, some one romantic and caring.I have said it all , catch me if you can
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